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How to cure dark toenails

 How to cure dark toenails?

dark toenail
It is quite a disconcerting sight to look down at your feet and see dark toenails. It is even more alarming and frustrating when they are distorted, brittle, dull and thickened. Many people ask themselves why their toenails are dark. Dark toenails are indeed a result of a fungal infection. 

Do you want to know how to cure dark toenails? Then, you are on the right spot.Simply consider the succeeding paragraphs as your guide.

A Brief View of Nail Fungus Infection

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A nail fungus infection may affect one or more of your nails. Such infection may start off as a yellow or white spot under the tip of your toenails but will eventually spread deeper into your nails as the fungus spreads. At this time, your nails would begin to become brittle, thicken, discolored and crumbly. This unsightly and even potentially painful condition can be treated essentially with medication but may again then recur. 

Causes of Nail Fungus 

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Nail fungus can affect everyone, female or male, child or adult, old or young, unhealthy and healthy. The spores that cause the infection are widespread and thus, everyone can be at risk. Thus, individuals who likely sweat more are pretty much predisposed in developing an infection beneath their toenails. This is due to fungus thrives in moist places and the dead skin, dirt and the sweat supply everything the spores need to grow and settle in.

dark toenail
Yellow toenails
Dark toenails are very much common for people who walk a lot and for runners. The repeated stress on the toes in the dark, closed and tight space for the running shoes provide the idyllic atmosphere for attracting molds, yeasts and fungi known to cause toenail infection and even bad odors. Hence, nail fungal infection can also be the outcome of walking around barefoot in locker rooms, gyms, home showers, public and other damp areas. There are also some other common triggers for dark toenails and nail infections and these include the following:

  •         Too many layers of toenail polish
  •         Poor hygiene practices at nail saloons
  •         Immune disease, diabetes and complications with the circulatory system
  •          Non-breathable hosiery, shoes and socks
  •          Age
  •          Ill-fitting footwear

If you are not guilty of any of the causes mentioned earlier, your dark toenails can be a sign of something else. Perhaps, you are developing a melanoma or you dropped something heavy on your toe. Moreover, you need to have your feet inspected by a podiatrist for eliminating doubts and addressing any potential problems early.

Symptoms of NailFungus Infection

  •   Separation of nails from the nail bed
  •    Mild to severe pain
  •   Tenderness in the affected toes
  •   Thick or hard nails
  •    Buildup of debris under the nails
  •    Crumbling toenails
  •    Darkening and discoloration of the nails
  •    Foul smelling odor

Remedies for Dark Toenails

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Zeta clear

Some individuals drift towards natural ways and means of treatment for avoiding risky side effects of having dark toenails. Some organic or home remedies include rubbing Vicks Vapor Rub on the nails or soaking your feet in Listerine solution. Oils like olive oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil and Jojoba oil are also known to give off an immediate relief due to their antifungal and antiseptic properties. Results or outcomes aren’t guaranteed when these oils are used individually. In addition, it would take some time before a person sees any development with home and natural remedies.
Treating dark toenails may be a hard task, as you have probably discovered. The treatment methods and ways either take too long or even do not keep fungus away for good. Medications like ZetaClear Products are growing not only in numbers but also in popularity because of their amazing effectiveness and outstanding benefits.

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Zeta clear 1
ZetaClear products are antifungal solutions and formulations on steroids if you would. This will surely clear up your dark nail infection faster as compared to other treatments and means. ZetaClear has been tested and proven for many years for its effectiveness on a wide array of fungal infections. It also offered excellent results for many people.

Fungus cannot even hold up against the combination of rose hip flower, tea tree oil, camphor and menthol used as effective ingredients in ZetaClear products. ZetaClear products are all organic and applied topically. Thus, you will escape the dangerous side effects of other drugs. Moreover, you should bear in mind that the effectiveness of any treatment just like with ZetaClear depends on the degree of the nail fungus infection and other physical factors like fluid intake, your size and your lifestyle.

Aside from the medications and other forms of treatments, a person should also trim his/her nails regularly for keeping them short and neat. It is also important to dry up feet after every shower to prevent the development of fungus. You also need to use absorbent socks and throw out your old and thrash-like shoes that may be a breeding ground for fungal spores.
Another natural treatment for dark toenails is by the use of apple cider vinegar. It helps removing dark colored spots and promotes growth of new one. You should soak a piece of clean cloth damp in apple cider vinegar and tie it onto the affected toenail. Trimming makes it easy if you do this regularly at night since it softens your toenails. Allowing free air circulation every now and then is very essential. Try to be barefoot and it will increase air circulation around your toenails. It also keeps your feet dry.

dark toenail

dark toenail

The use of cedar wood oil is also another organic treatment for your dark toenails. It has antifungal properties ideal for people with excessive sweat. It keeps moisture and sweat away from your feet. It is also an excellent remedy to reduce dark color of your toenails. Having vinegar drops and hydrogen peroxide regularly dropped on your dark toenails is also a great way to bring back your toenail. You should combine equal amounts of these fluids and drop on your toenails. When trimming nail, especially on affected toenails, you need to use a long handled nail scissors or a clean nail clipper. Best time to trim your dark toenails is after bathing because nails are soft.